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The Condemnation practice group at Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP concentrates in handling eminent domain or condemnation proceedings on behalf of a client with any interest in the property taken, whether it be the fee owner, a tenant, or a mortgagee. Our team approach involves checking every aspect of a property to ensure that our clients obtain the maximum possible value for the property rights taken.

Condemnation (or eminent domain) is the taking of private property by the government for public purposes. These purposes include construction of roads, road widening, parks, schools, environmental preservation, job creation, housing and municipal parking lots. Many commercial property owners, especially those with property along major thoroughfares, will, at some point, be confronted with a condemnation.

A taking can be “partial”; for example, when the government takes some frontage to widen a road; or it can be “total,” when the government takes the entire property. It can be permanent (i.e., the government owns it forever) or temporary (i.e., taking a portion of real estate to provide for construction, at the end of which the property is returned).

The property owner’s sole remedy is to receive just compensation guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States (and every State Constitution) for the taking of private property. At Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP, we will make certain you receive the highest quality representation with the maximum amount of just compensation.