WHO’s WHO in Women in Professionals Services – Andrea Tsoukalas Curto

Q: Can you explain what new developments 2022 has brought into your industry, your office or your department?

A: In the zoning and land use sector, following the wake of the pandemic, the demand for industrial e-commerce warehouse and distribution sites on Long Island has skyrocketed. These distribution sites are needed for faster and more efficient delivery of essential goods and services such as groceries, clothing, pharmaceutical and other health-related items, as well as home improvement and building materials. Although the demand is great, the supply for industrial sites is scarce and the approval process can be onerous. The key is having a development team that understands local zoning and the entitlements needed to develop the property.

The pandemic has also exacerbated the affordable housing crisis on Long Island. Although not a novel issue on Long Island, the pandemic created an even greater shortage in the housing supply, an increase in rents and a spike in cost-of-living expenses. Lawmakers at State and local levels recognize the dire need to increase the housing supply on Long Island and are taking steps to effectuate change. Towns and villages throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties have adopted legislation to rezone blighted and other downtown areas to encourage the development of affordable housing for our young professionals, seniors, students and fixed-income workers. The development of this housing is integral in keeping Long Island vital for years to come.


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