THE TIME FOR JUSTICE new book by Partner Anthony V. Curto of Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana LLP

Uniondale, June 8th, 2012 — Senior Partner Anthony V. Curto releases book, ‘THE TIME FOR JUSTICE,” which highlights the inequities that arise from the excesses in time required to resolve legal disputes and provides targeted ‘time fixes’ to correct the system.

How the excesses of time have broken our civil justice system

Anthony V. Curto—whose client list has included Yoo-hoo, Monsignor Tom Hartman and Paula Abdul—is a respected community advocate who’s earned many honors. His book is both an overview of his 50-year career and a lively prescriptive for working through the issues that mire our courts. Central is the author’s keen analysis of a 1960 lawsuit that accused Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. of defaming Esther James, his elderly constituent from Harlem. After much delay and misdirection, Powell was convicted and ordered to pay damages, but through a combination of appeals and outlandish human errors he mostly avoided doing so in a timely manner. Powell’s arrogance and ability to work the system are appalling, but hardly unique—then or now. To combat such abuse, Curto outlines a series of “Time Fixes” designed to expedite due process by expanding and updating the court system, codifying monetary awards, and enforcing court decisions. Time after time, as Curto points out, “The law gives the edge in justice not necessarily to the wealthy but to the defiant: the party who is under legal obligation to comply but refuses to do so…he is in an ideal position to evade justice by using time and delay as buffers—until timely justice can no longer be achieved.”  … THE TIME FOR JUSTICE is a detailed, knowledgeable examination of a failing justice system, along with some solutions to fix it. — Kirkus Reviews

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