Tax Certiorari

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The Tax Certiorari practice group concentrates in handling tax certiorari proceedings to challenge real estate tax assessments and reduce real estate taxes. Our team approach involves checking every aspect of a property’s taxation to ensure that our clients obtain the largest possible tax refund and reduction in future taxes. We have been successful in obtaining millions of dollars in real estate tax refunds and savings for our clients, which include national, regional, and local owners and tenants of all types of commercial and residential property. 

Having a practice group that concentrates in tax certiorari has enabled us to maximize our effectiveness through our experience and strong reputation. This concentration also allows the Firm to provide a very specialized service—that is usually only available in a boutique tax certiorari firm—with the same level of resources and expertise as a large firm, which includes our land use and zoning, environmental, and litigation attorneys.

Our tax certiorari practice is supported by a custom-designed computer software system that allows us to handle each case effectively and expeditiously. We also maintain an extensive database, which includes detailed property record and real estate market information.  The Tax Certiorari practice group also counsels clients in all other aspects of real estate taxation, including tax exemptions, estimation of taxes for new construction, lease tax escalation clauses, and the sale, purchase, and foreclosure of tax liens; the Tax Certiorari practice group also works closely with our IDA and Government Development Incentives practice group to ensure that all tax advantages are explored.