Partner Frank Brennan is Selected as a Who’s Who in Labor Law by the Long Island Business News

Uniondale, February 26, 2018 Partner Frank Brennan was interviewed for the Who’s Who in Labor Law special section of the Long Island Business News. He was asked, What is one employment issue companies should be aware of as we enter 2018?

With an outpouring of support for victims of sexual harassment brought to light by the #MeToo movement it should be clear to employers that sexual harassment is an issue, in the area of employment and labor law, which will need to be addressed proactively in 2018 and for years to come, stated Brennan.

Employers should expect that employees will feel a sense of empowerment in raising sexual harassment claims.  Employers should also anticipate that employees will expect their claims to be addressed both timely and adequately by management.  Employers who do not timely or adequately address such claims run the risk of having those complaints broadcast on social media sites, such as #MeToo, and having such complaints go viral, thereby causing immeasurable damage to the employer’s reputation and good-will.

In the age of social media and the #MeToo movement, it is in every employer’s best interest to closely examine their written harassment policies to ensure that those policies are up to date and comply with current law, to ensure that those policies have been communicated to all employees, to provide training at all levels of the organization, to ensure an open-door complaint policy and to timely deal with sexual harassment complaints on a priority basis.

Frank W. Brennan is a partner, concentrating in the areas of construction law, commercial litigation, and labor and employment law.

Mr. Brennan has extensive experience representing employers in the areas of labor and employment law and has successfully defended corporate employers, non-profit entities, and construction contractors.